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The way it works

Our composition of some of the most skillful and reliable FOREX traders from all around the world send their strictly calculated trades, based on pre-tested and working strategies, for more than 20 currency pairs to our server and, potentionally, to your FOREX account.

We employ the trades of 12 highly trained top traders, who are monitoring the FOREX market all day long and take positions according to their well developed strategies. When selecting our traders it is always an essential requirement to make sure they have a coherent real account with a history of at least 1 year, showing consistent profits and a drawdown that never exceeds 20%. Those that have some idea of FOREX know that in terms of safety, this is a FOREX account’s main measure.

TraderGroup Signal uniquely employs direct TCP/IP connection thus forwarding trades in a split second, fulfilling its task of being the fastest trade copy software in the world perfectly. Trades are forwarded to your MT4 FOREX account in a split second, where they get executed instantly.

Even those laser precise FOREX signals, such as ours, lose of their value if they do not get executed at the right time or at the right price. That is why Forex Investments Ltd. set the making of the fastest trade copy software currently existing on the market as its main task. Our efforts are crowned by TraderGroup Signal, our program that, following 6 months of live testing, now is ready to forward the trades of the best traders you can find on the market to your FOREX account.

The system is completely automated, therefore you do not need any proficiency or knowledge of FOREX in order to fully benefit from its wide range of features.

The trades are executed lightning-fast and accurately, always including Stoploss and Take profit, thus your capital is never at risk while you can enjoy outstanding automated yields. This is how Forex Investments Ltd. can help you fulfill your dreams of living a more complete life.

  • Traders send their signals
  • Collecting and sending information
  • Fast execution in your MT4