Forex trading system, Forex investment, choosing signal provider

To make a living out of being a Forex trader, you have to learn a lot, attend various trainings, analyze different trading systems, and still, success is not guaranteed since our decisions are greatly influenced by our trading psychology. Based on the surveys issued by brokerage companies only 10% of traders can be successful on the Forex market which is mainly caused by the high risk of failure and the fear of this fact. Based on this knowledge we can state that being an individual trader is not an easy task to undertake.

Those individuals who want to take part from the benefits of the Forex market sometimes forget to consider that 1-2 months is not enough to get wealthy.
Many don’t know what does the concept of short term investment should mean. Therefore they draw the incorrect inferences and can’t have a realistic picture of the potential efficiency offered by the various providers.

When it comes to financial investments, the term of investment must be interpreted as the following. Short term investments are 1-5 years, medium term is 5-15 years and long term investments should be defined as investments over 15 years.
Therefore if we trade or invest in Forex, and want to do it short term, still we must consider a minimum of one year period. Those present on the Forex market for a long time know that there are drawdown periods every year. In these situations the market is so hectic that it’s almost impossible to estimate the exchange rate movements.

In case you chose a signal provider right before such a drawdown period you might think that the signals sent by the provider are not good and you’ve been deceived by their past results.
When choosing signal provider you should always be careful. Check their past results and make sure the results are verified. If the provider uses MyFXBook then check if it’s a verified account.

Make sure to check that MyFxBook is linked so to be sure what you see is not just a PhotoShopped picture. After checking past results of the signal provider make some statistics as well. Check what was the maximal floating in the past and how many drawdown periods they had and for how long these periods lasted. That way you can find out if the company’s strategy would be compatible with your investment goals!

Past results are not a guarantee for future results, however if someone is consequently profitable for 1-2 years we can assume that the person can trade and by following him, with his help we can generate profit as well.

As a conclusion, in case you join a provider at the beginning of a drawdown period and have loss for 1-2 months don’t panic and don’t make the final conclusion only based on this experience. In a situation like this get in contact with the provider, and share your concerns and ask the necessary questions in order to be confident. If you have chosen the right provider then you have to receive professional answers that dispel your doubts regarding the long term results of the service. This way you live through the stressful periods caused by drawdown due to the fact you get clarifications about what happens on your account and why.
Consider at least a 1 year long period, be careful when choosing signal provider, chose the provider that is compatible with your psychological expectations, ask emerging question, and be clear on the risks and possibilities of Forex and acknowledge that it’s not realistic to be constantly profitable every month! TraderGroupSignal always publishes their real results on MyFxBook and their quality of service meets the highest expectations. This is confirmed by TraderGroupSignal’s more than 600 satisfied customers.

TraderGroupSignal generates profit on a long term basis!