Forex Signal Service based on the strategy of George Soros and Warren Buffett

As its well-known, world’s 2 biggest investors: George Soros and Warren Buffett managed a very significant wealth accumulation during their working history. As they explain, it’s mainly the result of diversification; meaning diversifying the risk.

Both highly successful businessmen invest their assets diversified, that way reaching extraordinary profit from year to year. Tradergroup Signal’s team is using this method in their signal service. We have chosen our traders, located at various locations, by making great demands, and they copy the trades they send with the help of their fully automated trade copy software, to the accounts of their customers. Each software copies the signals of 4 traders, that way diversifying the individual decisions made by them. TraderGroup Signal’s employees do not supervise these signals due to the fact they are sent by selected traders with proven results. As we know Forex is a speculative type of business, appliance of diversification is key. Last few years proved this theory to be successful, to both our customers and ourselves.

Our more than 600 customers demonstrate our good position on the Forex market, so we continue our developments to strengthen our advantageous position compared to other Forex signal providers. We are planning to launch our smart phone application this year, and soon we have our free signal provision ready to be available for our customers. This means that those of our clients who open their trading accounts at DxFxBroker, the brokerage company preferred by us, and deposit their accounts with the minimum of 1000 USD, will receive our fully automated signal service for completely free of charge.

We expect to make this service available by the end of April, 2013.

Forex Signal service: for the satisfaction of our customers – provided by TraderGroup Signal.