EURUSD Trading System

Based on many assays the EURUSD currency pair is the most wanted commodity on the market.
Supposedly it’s sold in a bigger quantity than bread. Most traders trade with this currency pair as well. Most Forex methods are built on it too and spread is compared to this in most cases.
E.g. 1 pip change on the EURUSD currency pair is 1 lot in case of 10 USD. „EURUSD Trading System” as a term is already part of the Forex dictionary.

Several stock exchange clubs have different presentations in the topic of trading method of the EURUSD currency pair. Since most trades on the world are with this currency pair, therefore this currency pair shows the biggest market changes, that’s why the market trends the most on it compared to other currency pairs.

But let’s not forget that is has its disadvantages as well. Even the smallest incidents change the price. Any world news announcements or events, natural disasters, or any other factors on fundamental basis first manipulates this currency pair and in most cases it changes to the wrong direction for traders.

As it is already clear: TraderGroup Signal stands for diversification. So we recommend not to distinguish EURUSD pair with a much bigger importance than other currency pairs. By checking TraderGroup Signal’s trades, the different currency pairs have approximately the same ratio. Traders don’t stress any pairs over the others. Risk has to be diversified, actions should be thoughtful and although the aim is to be constantly profitable, not making profit every day is ok. Those who work in Forex for a long while know that Zero is a positive number.

Don’t forget: TraderGroup Signal generates profit on long term!