MyFXBook live account

We would like to announce that we will replace our currently available MyFXBook live account with our also operating Myfxbook live account managed by DCFX Broker. Due to a technical error trades did not open on the currently available account therefore the results in MyFXBook are not relevant. Since DCFX Broker lately became to be our strategic partner it would have anyway been obvious to distribute our account ran by them. Besides this note we shall also let our current and future Forex signal subscribers know about this MyFXBook change on our Facebook page as well. As it has already been communicated, our Forex signal service will soon be available free of charge for those who open a real account at DCFX broker through our website and after depositing it by the minimum amount of a 1000 USD, signals will start to be received by them for completely free.
We offer long term profit to our customers!

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Forex Signal Service based on the strategy of George Soros and Warren Buffett

As its well-known, world’s 2 biggest investors: George Soros and Warren Buffett managed a very significant wealth accumulation during their working history. As they explain, it’s mainly the result of diversification; meaning diversifying the risk.

Both highly successful businessmen invest their assets diversified, that way reaching extraordinary profit from year to year. Tradergroup Signal’s team is using this method in their signal service. We have chosen our traders, located at various locations, by making great demands, and they copy the trades they send with the help of their fully automated trade copy software, to the accounts of their customers. Each software copies the signals of 4 traders, that way diversifying the individual decisions made by them. TraderGroup Signal’s employees do not supervise these signals due to the fact they are sent by selected traders with proven results. As we know Forex is a speculative type of business, appliance of diversification is key. Last few years proved this theory to be successful, to both our customers and ourselves.

Our more than 600 customers demonstrate our good position on the Forex market, so we continue our developments to strengthen our advantageous position compared to other Forex signal providers. We are planning to launch our smart phone application this year, and soon we have our free signal provision ready to be available for our customers. This means that those of our clients who open their trading accounts at DxFxBroker, the brokerage company preferred by us, and deposit their accounts with the minimum of 1000 USD, will receive our fully automated signal service for completely free of charge.

We expect to make this service available by the end of April, 2013.

Forex Signal service: for the satisfaction of our customers – provided by TraderGroup Signal.

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Forex trading system, Forex investment, choosing signal provider

To make a living out of being a Forex trader, you have to learn a lot, attend various trainings, analyze different trading systems, and still, success is not guaranteed since our decisions are greatly influenced by our trading psychology. Based on the surveys issued by brokerage companies only 10% of traders can be successful on the Forex market which is mainly caused by the high risk of failure and the fear of this fact. Based on this knowledge we can state that being an individual trader is not an easy task to undertake.

Those individuals who want to take part from the benefits of the Forex market sometimes forget to consider that 1-2 months is not enough to get wealthy.
Many don’t know what does the concept of short term investment should mean. Therefore they draw the incorrect inferences and can’t have a realistic picture of the potential efficiency offered by the various providers.

When it comes to financial investments, the term of investment must be interpreted as the following. Short term investments are 1-5 years, medium term is 5-15 years and long term investments should be defined as investments over 15 years.
Therefore if we trade or invest in Forex, and want to do it short term, still we must consider a minimum of one year period. Those present on the Forex market for a long time know that there are drawdown periods every year. In these situations the market is so hectic that it’s almost impossible to estimate the exchange rate movements.

In case you chose a signal provider right before such a drawdown period you might think that the signals sent by the provider are not good and you’ve been deceived by their past results.
When choosing signal provider you should always be careful. Check their past results and make sure the results are verified. If the provider uses MyFXBook then check if it’s a verified account.

Make sure to check that MyFxBook is linked so to be sure what you see is not just a PhotoShopped picture. After checking past results of the signal provider make some statistics as well. Check what was the maximal floating in the past and how many drawdown periods they had and for how long these periods lasted. That way you can find out if the company’s strategy would be compatible with your investment goals!

Past results are not a guarantee for future results, however if someone is consequently profitable for 1-2 years we can assume that the person can trade and by following him, with his help we can generate profit as well.

As a conclusion, in case you join a provider at the beginning of a drawdown period and have loss for 1-2 months don’t panic and don’t make the final conclusion only based on this experience. In a situation like this get in contact with the provider, and share your concerns and ask the necessary questions in order to be confident. If you have chosen the right provider then you have to receive professional answers that dispel your doubts regarding the long term results of the service. This way you live through the stressful periods caused by drawdown due to the fact you get clarifications about what happens on your account and why.
Consider at least a 1 year long period, be careful when choosing signal provider, chose the provider that is compatible with your psychological expectations, ask emerging question, and be clear on the risks and possibilities of Forex and acknowledge that it’s not realistic to be constantly profitable every month! TraderGroupSignal always publishes their real results on MyFxBook and their quality of service meets the highest expectations. This is confirmed by TraderGroupSignal’s more than 600 satisfied customers.

TraderGroupSignal generates profit on a long term basis!

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Automated Forex Signal will be available for our subscribers!

Soon we launch our new service which will allow you to get our automated forex signal for free.
All you have to do is to open a real account at DCFX Brokerage, our preferred broker, then deposit with minimum of $1000 and run our trade copy software on it. If you chose this package, you won’t have to pay a fee for the usage of our Forex Signal, so you can save up to $99 a month.

Together with this service we will start our new VIP service as well. You will be treated as a VIP client if you open a live account at DCFX Brokerage as already mentioned, and charge it with minimum $5000.

To our VIP Customers we provide not only the signals, but also the VPS, and a 24 hour system support, all free of charge! For this deal you only need to open the live trading account at DCFX with our reference link, fill it with at least $5000, and we start your full VIP package completely free of charge.

We have chosen DCFX as our preferred partner, because they are innovative, they work with a very good spread and are one of the fastest brokers, so choosing them is definitely a good decision in any case. Our new, 100% free of charge Forex signal packages and VIP service will be available soon. We will send out further specifications soon about the advantages of the system, such as why the 24 hour support and VPS are good for you.

Don’t forget: we make money for you long term!

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The first Forex Signal which makes outstanding profit!

Forex Trader Group
As we have have seen, the moving of the market was hectic last week, and for this reason, we had to give back around 1000 pips to the market. But we have earned 7300 pips this year.

As you can see, we are managing our accounts at 2 different brokerage companies, and there are huge differences between them in pips.

We can see, that the result are way better at our account managed by DCFX. We are earning more pips, and if we lose, we lose less. From now on, our traders are managing their accounts at DCFX, just like we do.

They are one of the fastest brokerage companies, the spread is good (1.5 – 2 pips in case of EURUSD), and one can open an account online.

We can be satisfied with the results of our new trader group as well. New Generation of Forex Signals

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What did our customers write about us?

  • Thomas M. Harrison

    Thomas M. Harrison fromUSA

    A trader,  friend of mine suggested me the a few months ago. He had very good results using it, so I decided to give it a try. At first, I have used it for a month on a $200 account, and I was very satisfied, so I am a subscriber  over 3 months. Certainly, the signal is running now on a much bigger account , and my results are speaking for themselves. Finally I have time to pay attention to other things I like, not only to sit at my desk and  trade. Their copier software is working perfectly, it is fully automated and fast.

  • Susanna & Robert Filtz

    Susanna & Robert Filtz fromGermany

    Dear Team!
    I’m so glad, that  I have found your service. I have almost gave up hope, that there is a fair signal provider. As you say, there are a lot of scammers and cheaters out there. They have marvellous statements, but their performances are horrible. Moreover, I had a subscription to a signal, and they didn’t even sent it in time, or not at all. And when they actually did, it would have been better if they’d have been forgot to send it… I found while I was browsing the internet, so I was sceptical with your service at the first sight. Because there are live, verified myfxbook links on your website, I gave one more chance to this trading form. I’m happy that I have made this decision. I’m already  your subscriber for the fifth month, and I’d like to thank you for the PIPs I have earned. My wife is sendig her greetings and gratitude also, because I can spend more time with her thanks to your service.

    Kind regards, and wishing all the success to you in the future.

  • Lucas T. Chavez

    Lucas T. Chavez fromCanada

    Hi traders!
    I have found your website by an ad on the internet. To be honest, I didn’t belive any of it, but I said to myself: let’s try it for $49. I started trading 3 years ago, with more or less success. I’m happy for this opportunity, because I couldn’t make this much profit by myself. I am a diving instructor in my free time, I’m teaching kids for 5 years. Unfortunately I can’t earn as much money from this to be enough, so it remained as a hobby. Thanks to you, my own assests produces enough money for living. So I can take care about teaching more and to improve my skills as a trader.

  • Le Thi Lieu

    Le Thi Lieu fromVietnam

    I am a full-time housewife, and my husband is a senior manager at a big company. In my little free time, I used to trade. I’ve tried a bunch of robots and signals with less success. I don’t like signals taken by sms or e-mail, because I am not able to leave the kids alone everytime when I have to go to the PC.
    The robots would be good but as I see, one can’t leave the human brain out of the formula. I had a robot once, and after it was profitable for a few months, but it couldn’t handle a market change, and it has lost all the profit and a part of the assets. There aren’t much automated signals on the market, but boy, I can tell you, I’ve tried the most of them and I’m not satisfied. My husband’s colleague suggested for us a half year ago. He is not a trader, he only has a brokerage account because of investing and that firm suggested to him your site. He was proud, that he can offer me something, what is actually working in Forex. For me it is the perfect solution, because it’s fully automated, yet humans are sending the signals. With your service, I have reached, that there are such months, when I’m earning more money than my husband. Thank you so much, and may God help you to still be able to send us your signal.

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