Automated Forex Signal Service

We differentiate 2 types of Forex signals. These are the semi-automated and the automated Forex signals. Semi-automated signal is a type of signal sending service where the provider sends their trading signals to the clients by email or SMS.

Many people don’t like this type of service because this requires a constant presence by the computer waiting for the signal, and it often happens that trades can’t be opened due to time loss. By the time client receives notices, defines and manually opens the trade, it might not be relevant anymore due to the significant time loss.

This type of signals considered to be outdated since the automated Forex signal service is available for everyone. Automated Forex signal service is a trade copying service which copies traders’ signals and opens them on the client’s MT4 automatically. Many trade copy software are available on the market that can be purchased by the signal providers to automate their outdated system. There are many various types of this kind of software available, but they all are database-driven that has a disadvantage of being slow. Trader sends the signal to the database, and the trade copy software refreshes it from time to time and copies the new trades to the client’s account. TraderGroup Signal’s team developed their own trade copy software that’s instead of being database-driven it’s based on TCP/IP.
This means that clients’ computer and traders’ computers are directly connected so signal transfer is immediate. This is why we recommend VPS usage to our customers. There is no time loss, as soon as the trader presses enter on his computer; the trade automatically opens for the client as well.

It’s like TraderGroup Signal’s customers have their own trader, sitting and trading from their computer. The copying software developed by TraderGroup Signal is unique on the Forex market. Brokerage companies and more signal providers had already been interested in buying this software but TraderGroup Signal did not sell it, and will not sell it in the future either, as this software is the key of the market leading position that TraderGroup Signal obtained and is not willing to lose.

As a result of owning this software, the diversification and the careful selection of the trader, our yearly results are outstanding. Based on the above we can state that became one of the best signal providers by now. We assist all our clients individually, we answer to every question, and our team of 8 are at our clients’ disposal anytime. Customer is always first for us! And let’s not forget that TraderGroup Signal makes money long term!