About Us

A small group of freshly graduated IT experts make themselves familiar with a then new (among small investors anyway) form of trading. Love at first sight!
Without adequate knowledge and experience but with great enthusiasm, we jump into trading. Naturally, we burned most of our capital. We were also pushed by the hysterical climate that reigned over the stock markets back then (Dot.Com balloon).
We start winking at FOREX. We switched. Realized that with less money we can manage bigger positions than on the stock markets. New love: a land of milk and honey.
Our new love turned out to be whimsical as well. Again we lose our money and with that, according to André Kostolany, officially became market operators. Still, some of us quit as they could not take repeated loss of wealth. In the meanwhile we started discovering humbleness…
Study, study, study…
We found out there is no other way. Without studying there is no money making. Tough nuts do not give up… Onward!
The first year of capital growth we consider a success. At the same time our IT department sets off. We hired experts to help us with developments closely related to FOREX trading.
As the result of success, our relationship network expands. A likes attract each other. FOREX traders came one after the other. The company does not become diluted, adventurers keep dropping out. Those that managed to diffuse into the hard core could also trade or learned to in the meanwhile. Our trader group kept growing and becoming international. Safe trading became our trademark.
Our capital grows from month to month. The first investors we hadn’t approached show up. They came by themselves. Some of us start visioning about a lightning-fast trade copy software. Hmmm… good idea – we thought.
The trader group keeps making money still. A division of our team gets to realize the imagined trade copy system in practice. Tests, try-outs, try-outs and tests. We put the Beta version of our trade copy program under the Christmas tree and named it TraderGroup Signal.

We keep on rolling!
Founded Forex Investments Ltd., a Liverpool-based company. We have finished the tests of the innovative, lightning-fast software of TraderGroup Signal. Now it’s up to you to take part in the success story!

The Journey

It was at the beginning of the new millennium that we got acquainted with stock and currency exchange markets. At that time, many of us had the impression that we were just dreaming. The recognition that we finally found a land that produces money was quite alluring. We believed that a fabulous fortune and consequent success are already within our grasp. We could actually smell the scent of money – only in the air though, as there was neither known path, nor sufficient fund for us to instantaneously become millionaires (as we first thought). At that time, it was merely impossible to enroll the largest business in the world with just a few hundred dollars as nowadays, so many of us had to take out bank loans to start to achieve our dreams. However, waking up from our dream we had to realize that pink clouds were about to disappear. The continuous decrease of our FOREX accounts brought us further and further away from the vision of yachts and luxurious cars. We were forced to realize that without appropriate knowledge and experience, the stock and FOREX market is nothing but an abattoir.

Many statistics show that an average FOREX trader will burn up their $3,000 account within less than 3 months. As we already have more than a decade’s experience in this field, we can now safely declare that a quickly-completed FOREX crash course or a well-written FOREX robot algorithm is not enough to achieve success.

Of course, if appropriately selected, these can also be important components, but the recipe of success is not at all that simple. As it is true for other segments of life, only people who are willing to subject themselves to relentless studying and practicing, who realize and accept that they are only small cogs in an elaborate, gigantic machine will eventually become successful.

It was this attitude – and of course the huge amount of dollars spent – that enabled us to claim we make more money than we originally invested. During this period, our personality has also become different: priorities changed, emphasis shifted. We have become more successful as our goals started to apart from the self-serving profit generation to a more comprehensive approach and we trust that this transition will reflect on our FOREX balances.

We also believe that in the meantime our personality has also improved. Our lives, thoughts and intentions gradually followed this trend and in parallel we have found ourselves in nice houses, good cars and with investments around the world and free from monetary constraints.

Many consider our story a real success, and things started to get better when we shifted our horizons from individual aims to collective and nobler objectives.
We benefited a lot from CVs of well-known great investors who we considered to have understood how hidden things, visible and invisible connections work in their ambient environment, and who could consciously incorporate this knowledge into their own system. Such verities that have raised them above all in terms of their achievements and personal characteristics. At the beginning, we only wanted to copy their strategy but as we dug deeper and deeper into their lives we realized that the common principle in the success stories is the desire to achieve social sensitivity and responsibility. For this reason we follow suit and share continuously within our boundaries with great pleasure. Our values and credo, essentially, have not changed since in its merit.

We encourage you, who is motivated by these thoughts to join us to this journey…