Are revolutionary innovations in FOREX trading still possible?

Read on and decide for yourself!

We simply provide tha world's best FOREX traders. Their trades are executed on your MT4 as an automated forex signal with incomparable speed.
With our professional crew of programmers, we have planned a solution for you that diversify the trades, thereby reducing risks and executing them instantly on your account. Forex Investments Ltd. introduces you the safer than ever strategy of the world's most liquid market (FOREX) now letting you obtain reliable profits easily while strictly bearing a low assumption of risk based on experimental facts.

When it comes to FOREX, you may find seemingly fantastic new offers and forex signal services on the internet announced as "world sensation" on a daily basis that later all turn out to be fake.
You will not find that here! We do not deal with deception that we are going to prove you here.

Let us see the innovation of FOREX trading signals that delivers such a high chance of success to you:
Why trust us
You can check back on our results
30 days money back guarantee
Real customer service
No conflict of interest between you and ourselves
We have many years of experience in FOREX and IT
Why choose us
Selected, monitored signals
Secure and the fastest possible data communication
Precise signal tracking
Customizable, automated signal enforcement system
System is always up to date due to regular upgrades


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We have combined great profits, achievable through the FOREX market, with the strategies of two of the world's most successful investors which, according to them, mainly rely on always keeping the risks on a low level.

Time and our results have proven that the keystones of our system, evolved from Buffet's and Soros' strategy, are essentially the same as what is written in Mark Tier's highly esteemed book 'Applying the winning investment habit of George Soros and Warren Buffet'.

With over a decade of FOREX experience under our belt, we can trace out an analogy between the above referred gurus' low risk strategy and the one we have developed.

What are the common features that are present as cornerstones both in the two trader gurus' and Forex Investment Ltd's strategy?

The similarities

  1. Strictly sticking to their strategy.
    Our traders always open positions following predefined marks, be it technical analysis or fundamental approach.

  2. They admit if they are wrong.
    They pull out as soon as an investment’s loss exceeds the predefined limit. Our traders set pre-calculated stop values that close opened positions in every case may the trend of exchange rates turn out to be unfavorable for us.
    We have not will we ever have no open position without a stop value set.

  3. Successfully delegating most of their tasks to those that are proficient and able to do them well.
    Using our system, you do the same.

  4. Taking care of the funds entrusted to them as their own.
    When we select our FOREX traders it is a prime motive to have them have a real account with sufficient balance, several years of stable result without ever exceeding the predefined risk measure.

  5. Ready to invest 24/7.
    Our selected traders trade all day, they take turns at working in order to take advantage of every possibility to make profit for you (and ourselves as well of course).

  6. Diversification, i.e. risk spreading.
    Instead of having a few grand investments, they constantly own and manage several smaller ones, each totaling up to less compared to the full amount of their funds. The huge number of trades (up to even as much as 500-1200 trades per month) and the proportionally small orders together ensure continuous profits with the minimum extent of risk possible.

  7. Contributing to charity causes lavishly.
    From the price of each signal sold, we transfer a certain amount to relief organizations, because we find it important to practice social responsibility.

Obviously, there is difference between the profits of long-term share and foreign currency investments, and the profits derived from the fast excursion of exchange rates (although Soros' investment routine involves speculative short-term FOREX trades in a significant portion).

The combination of a successful investor approach and the experience present behind Forex Investments Ltd. together led to the birth of the trading system we have developed. It all takes shape in the form of outstanding profits we have been delivering to our clients for years, may they be living in freezing Reykjavik or blazing hot Mexico City.

Developing and mastering a strategy is only one side of the coin though.
Unlike other providers, we do not send out our trades in mails or by other obsolete means.
In case you have never experienced how limited the usefulness of such methods are, you will probably still greatly appreciate our innovation.

Even if you happen to be sitting in front of your computer 24 hours a day, it takes long seconds to receive, read and execute the trades. In most of the cases such delay means a completely different price you can open your position at.
It is even possible that the original trade is closed with profit yet by then your chance is long gone. Think about how much you would be throwing out of the window like that.

Download the user manual here
Anyway… do you actually want to sit in front of your computer all day?
Does not make it much better either if you use outdated trade copy programs.
They are slow, inaccurate and unreliable, often happens that they miss target
prices and the stops.

Now sit back relaxed and breathe relieved!

Our service Other providers
Instant execution
Automated signal processing few providers
Automated money management few providers
Easily customizable system
Multi-server system
Encrypted data communication
Signals on more than 20 currency pairs
Automatic suffix detection
4 & 5 digits compatibility few providers
Strict equity protection few providers
Diversified trader strategies
Verified live results
Free trade copy software few providers
Signals always contain Stoploss values
24/7 system supervision
Money-back guarantee few providers

As a result of long years' FOREX experience, vast amount of work and money, Forex Investments Ltd. now proudly announces the trade copy version of its TraderGroup Signal strategy that you can apply to your FOREX account only with a few clicks.
Grab something tight, now only for 49$!

It does not matter how big your account is, the settings are easily adjustable to the size of your capital.
May you be trading with 100$ or as much as 1 million, our system is designed for you.
FOREX success has never been this close!

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